Hello Advertisers, It’s 2017

As culture continues to evolve in Asia, accelerated by the ubiquity of the Internet and the different global viewpoints that it brings, gender roles will begin to shift and blur (men will knit; women will drink whisky) and our industry will need to keep up. But what is the best way to do that?

It’s not about gender, it’s about human truth

Instead of creating messaging on gender, let’s focus on getting to understand the human truth and the “why” of consumer behaviour, and start targeting communicating around on shared interests or qualities that resonates.

The Pleasure and Pain of Shopping

Southeast Asia, in particular, is a hotbed for e-commerce. By focusing on creating pleasurable and painless moments throughout the consumer journey using media, we create more value for businesses.

A Tet-less Vietnam

Over the past few years economists have made the case for doing away with the Lunar New Year and celebrating the Western (Solar) New Year instead. What are the implications of that on culture?

2016: A Year in Review

2016 has been a big year, filled with a lot of unforeseen changes from Brexit to Beyoncé dropping Lemonade. The events and business decisions from this past year have affected everything, including our own little world of media.

As the final issue of Rocket for 2016, we wanted to compile the reflections and predictions of those around the network, each one reflecting a unique background and point of view.

False Memories & What It Means to be Human

To paraphrase neuroscientist and philosopher Sam Harris, allow me to describe a hypothetical situation that is both terrifying and likely to occur: implanting false memories for therapy. With the proliferation of VR, this seemingly sci-fi concept is quickly approaching reality.

Searching for Marketing’s El Dorado

The marketing world is chasing the dream of data. Carat APAC Chief Strategy Officer Clay Schouest asks in our pursuit, are we losing something equally important? And how will this affect our hiring policy?

The Myth of the Lone Hero

Forget everything you believe about the lone, genius inventor—more often than not innovative ideas are a result of a collaborative, cross-functional team. We can apply this insight to transform the way we work with our teammates, other DAN brands, our media partners and even our industry competitors.