Why hello there!

You may be wondering what this Rocket thing is. Rocket is the distillation of thoughts and ideas on media and innovation from around the world, but with an APAC lens, brought to you by CARAT’s Brainwave team.

With this blog, we aim to be a platform that will take our readers, you, to greater heights.

Thank you for reading; we are psyched that you are here. Now let’s get ready to blast off.

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That’s great! We want this platform to be as collaborative as possible.

If you have a project you want to showcase, a colleague you want to highlight, a thought piece you’d like to share, an idea for an entry, a question you’d like to ask—whatever—please email rocket.apac@carat.com.

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Team Rocket

Rocket is brought you from the regional CARAT APAC team. Based in Singapore and hailing from different countries and industries, our multi-talented team brings a variety of viewpoints to the field of media.


Pictured from left to right: 

Jude Koh, Regional Strategy Associate Manager
Christine Liu, Regional Insights Executive
Tam Le, Regional Strategy Senior Manager
Peter John Waine, Regional Head of Strategy